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TIS Presentation

We can use the typical Markdown syntax and every time we would like to create a new slide we just have to insert the 3 dashed '---' at the end of our slide.
In the header comment section we are able to configure global and local directives which can control:

  • pagination
  • background color
  • text color
  • enable HTML tags in our presentation
  • header and footer content
Presentation footer
Pagination turned off for this slide

Second slide

We can customize slides individually from the global scope, we can use local scope directives, to use the local scope just start the property name with a '_', for example:

  • pagination can be turned off on slides (_paginate: false)
  • header and footer content can be changed (_header and _footer)
  • background related color or image
  • font color
  • custom directives written in Javascript
Custom background only for this slide
Presentation header

CSS support

Marp has a wide variety of CSS support which can be found here

Presentation footer
Presentation header

Presenter note

During the presentation we can make some presenter note for ourselves, which will only be shown to the presenter. To make it we just have to place the note into a comment tag like this:

Presentation footer
Presentation header

Background image support

We all love Markdown

Presentation footer

Multiple backgrounds with splitting

Presentation header

And many more

Check out the Marp website to know more.

Presentation footer

We can make comments during our presentation which will be shown in the presenter tool